Food is my love language. I love having friends over for dinner whenever I get the chance and I’m always ready to provide craft services for the BUBBLE team during shoots. I’ve recently moved to a new apartment in the West Village, and I’ve been fortunate to have space to fit a long dinner table that can seat eight people as well as a rooftop I can use to entertain, and my BUBBLE team loves to work out of office during the summer.

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This also means I am always on the ready for cocktail hour and make it a point to always keep cheeses, charcuterie, crackers, grapes and wine around to make a board. I’m quite a wiz at putting out a cheese board at a moments notice. Some of my favorite crackers at the moment are Foods Alive Rosemary Hemp Crackers and Healing Home Foods’ Pizza Thin Crackers. They’re definitely not your run-of-the-mill, boring crackers that tastes like cardboard and they’re BUBBLE approved with clean label ingredients!

And when I’m not entertaining friends or cooking dinner at home you’ll most likely find me at Lucien French Bistro (14 1st Avenue, New York; +1 212 260 6481) enjoying a classic, steak frites.