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Featured 7.3-7.9.17 | When I first met Joanna Vargas, facialist extraordinaire and creator of some of the glowiest skin on every red carpet everywhere, I wasn't sure what to expect. My own skin is far from flawless, and I was afraid she would take one look and send me and my (eye) bags packing. She didn't. In fact, Joanna is surprisingly unpretentious for someone who is called upon to take care of the entire Hollywood A-list on the daily. She's also a genius. Her anti-aging treatments are all cutting edge without the use of anything cutting — she's a huge proponent of doing it all with natural ingredients, which these days is pretty much a requirement before I'll let anyone touch my skin.  Maybe it's because she's an artist (she is an avid watercolorist, painting every single day), but her hands are magical and the effect she has on your skin is nothing short of masterpiece quality.  Welcome to Joanna's week.