I was a wellness lover way before it became so popular. My mom was a bit of a hippie, and as a nurse, she started me on things like vitamin C, probiotics and bone broth as well as things like homemade toothpaste and deodorant at a young age. I became the girl in college who was taking supplements, eating “healthy” and going to yoga early in the morning (on the weekends when most others were sleeping in) when it wasn’t necessarily so cool to do so. Now it’s easier than ever to make choices that are good and healthy for you in so many aspects, and I happily be (healthfully!) obsessed with my workouts, my supplements and my beauty products.

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As the natural beauty products have improved and become a lot more accessible, I have slowly changed over almost everything in my bathroom, from my makeup to my shampoo, to make sure that what I am using on my body has the cleanest and purest ingredients. Some of my can’t-live-without products right now are Tata Harper’s illuminating cream and cleansing oil, Moon Fruit night moisturizer, Rahua shampoo and conditioner, RMS face powder and mascara, the Plume brow pomade and the MUN body toning serum. Also, I’m obsessed with everything from True Botanicals and Schmidt’s (which makes great natural deodorant and toothpaste).

I feel lucky that exercise is something that I have always loved and has never felt like it was something I had to do. I think this is because I always find activities and classes that are fun and that I get excited for. I also like to make sure I mix in as much outdoor exercise as the weather will allow (that includes walking all over NYC as much as I can). I love dance cardio classes, as well as yoga and Pilates. I find that combination works well for me and keeps things interesting. When it comes to workout clothes, I like to keep it simple and have a few basics that I can interchange. I also believe that quality is better than quantity, so I like to buy brands that will last (getting sweaty and being washed hundreds of times). The Lululemon pants really are still some of the best, and I love Athleta and Outdoor Voices for fun tops and other pieces to mix in.