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Photographs by  Daphne Youree

Photographs by Daphne Youree


Featured 1.21-1.27.19 | Have you ever found yourself spending hours down the food blog rabbit hole, drooling over dishes you’re not likely to ever make, wishing the food that comes out of your own kitchen could be half as pretty as the pictures you’re swiping by? Ya, same. It’s both inspiring and discouraging, and all we really want is to find recipes we can crush with a few ingredients and even fewer steps that come out making us look like the next Marc Murphy (see what we did there?). Well, consider your prayers answered by Jodi Moreno, the girl behind the gorgeous blog, What’s Cooking Good Looking (Saveur named it best overall cooking blog not once but twice) and the even more gorgeous cookbook, Less With More, which offers 125+ recipes that are so easy you could cry (and, in fact, Jodi often does find herself crying over really good food). But it’s not just cooking that inspires her — the NYC-based recipe developer and food stylist also finds beauty in flower arranging (her dream is to open a flower shop / café in a quiet town somewhere that isn’t NYC) and inspiration in buckets lists (her belief is that writing down your dreams can make them come true) and we find both of them in her. Welcome to Jodi's week.