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Featured 7.31- 8.6.17 | Let me be completely honest: I am not a fan of yoga. I don't have the patience or the mindset to listen to chanting monks while I move slowly and deliberately through a bunch of moves that feel a little too contrived to my very Type A personality. Except there's an exception: Jordan Cohen's PLAYLIST. yoga in LA (because, LA). Here, yoga is based on the music and oh, how good that music is — there's even a resident DJ  who creates all of PLAYLISTS.' playlists. It's not surprising considering Cohen was born and raised on the East Coast and went on to spend the better part of two decades as a DJ, spinning from NYC to Madrid and everywhere in between (and for all of you Britney fans out there, he DJ'd for her at a movie premiere in New Orleans back in the day. #goals). So while he might be colorblind (he is), he has quite an ear for music and quite an instinct for creating a refreshing new way to get your yoga on. As he says, Life's just better with a little music.
Welcome to Jordan's week.