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The Beverly Hills Hotel
9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills
+1 310 276 2251

My favorite hotel in the world and I only live a few miles away! It’s where I go to relax, clear my mind and spend a night when I need a staycation. PLAYLIST. also has an incredible partnership with the BHH where we collaborate on monthly programming, create co-branded products and brainstorm health and wellness ideas. Area Director of Performance Improvement, Alison Anesta, is a forward thinker who is modernizing the hotel industry. And don’t forget to stop by the Fountain Coffee Room for lunch. It’s an old school, 20-seat, soda fountain-style restaurant with great classics and the hotel’s legendary McCarthy Salad.

Spain is the place for me. From bustling Madrid to beachside Barcelona, I’ve been in love with this country ever since I studied abroad there in college. Marbella is my favorite city though. I’ve been there a handful of times, most recently last summer with a good friend from NYC. It has everything you want– fantastic food, amazing beaches and beautiful people.  Stay at the Marbella Club Resort & Spa and eat lunch beachside at MC Beach for incredible seafood.

Located in the West Indies, this small private island is basically heaven. I was fortunate enough to spend time at a friend’s house there and hope I get invited back. Once your prop plane touches down on a runway the size of a suburban driveway, you know this place is different. No cars allowed. Just miles of untouched beaches, crystal clear water and breathtaking hikes. Make sure to check out Basil’s Bara landmark spot for drinks and food.


Red Vines
I cannot get on a plane without these.

Adidas NMD's
My sneaker of choice when traveling. They are lightweight, stylish and extremely comfortable. They can be difficult to get so buy them when you can!

Beats by Dre
As a music junkie, I like to create “soundtracks” when I travel. I make customized playlists depending on my mood, location and the connections I want to create to the places I visit. Music is incredibly powerful and so are these.

Roll your clothes!
It's the best packing tip I’ve ever received and I’m pretty sure I learned it from Oprah.