The Select Guest



Featured 5.21-5.27.18 | Here’s how you know Julie Schott is the best friend you’ve always wanted: There’s nothing — and I do mean nothing— she won't talk to you about. Want a satisfactory bowel movement? She’ll tell you what to do. Suffer from Resting Bitch Face? She can help you reverse it. Want to exercise but also really want to drink wine? Fear not — she has the answer for that, too. In fact, this quadruple threat (she's a a writer, producer, director and creative consultant) has an uncanny ability to discuss just about anything and make it feel somehow totally comfortable — maybe even hilarious — especially when it’s neither. And in a world where it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep anyone's attention for more than a millisecond, she has found way to keep us all interested by exploring the intersection of beauty and identity in a totally fresh, incredibly genuine way. She can also tightline her eyes in a moving vehicle with no mirror, so she's definite goals. Welcome to Julie's week.