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Featured 12.12-12.18 | When I was a kid, thank you notes were handwritten and if you wanted to communicate with a long distance friend, you used the phone, or more likely, you sent a letter. But I think we can all agree that text messages and emails have taken a fairly large bite out of human connection, and letter writing isn't something that has much value to anyone anymore. Enter Julie Van Daele and her company Well Received, a line of incredibly beautiful modern stationery which she imagined in order to bring back the sentimentality of personal communication, and which is an extension of Julie’s everyday life, incorporating her love for architecture, design, creativity and people. It's a brilliant concept — especially now — and the woman behind the movement is just as exceptional as is her idea. She's a fierce gift giver, a true believer, an enthusiastic optimist and a candy freak.
Welcome to Julie's week.