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I swear by The RASA Challenge. My really good friend Mia founded RASA, which focuses on encouraging healthy lifestyle habits through holistic wellness coaching and cleanses. She offers this 21-day challenge which completely changed my knowledge of food and the way I eat. I never have been a no-carb, salad-only girl, but I noticed that I was always feeling tired because of the amount of sugar I consumed. I was so unaware of all the foods that have sugar in them, and Mia completely opened my eyes to so much information, while encouraging me and coaching me in a healthy way. RASA is NOT a juice cleanse or a starve yourself cleanse — It is truly an amazing program that reshapes the way you consume food and gives you the knowledge and tools to live a better, cleaner life.

As far as workout clothes, I’ll always be a Nike girl. I love NikeLab’s innovative and technical design, along with many of the collaborations they do. Their collab with Gyakusou has been one of my favorites — both the guys and girls collections.

I also am obsessed with my North Face Summit L3 Down Jacket. I have had mine for years and it is one of my favorite things in life! It is so light weight, can be worn on a cold morning workout or under your fancy fur coat as a layering piece. Seriously, one of my favorite things in life! They’ve updated the design a bit, but one of my best purchases ever!