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meet | kahlana barfield brown

Featured 4.30-5.6.18 | You know those people who are really good at everything? Not in an annoying way, though — but in a really authentic, honest and grateful way? Those people you just can’t help but look up to?  Well if you don't, you do now, because Kahlana Barfield Brown just happens to be such a woman. And it's not because she's an actual Connect Four pro (she cannot be beat by anyone, anywhere) or because she can wear denim on the daily and make it look perfectly appropriate for any occasion (side note: this my life goal); it's because she's a true boss. Fresh out of college and fashion and beauty obsessed, Brown literally beat the door down at InStyle until they let her in as an intern.  And of course because she was so damn good at her job, she quickly climbed the masthead working her way all the way to the top, where she is today in her position as Fashion and Beauty Editor-at-Large. Which, I'm sure I don't have to tell you, is major. It's that confidence, coupled with her incredible sense of self ("never water yourself down" is advice she's given, and we should all heed), and her ability to be present in all parts for her life (did we mention she's a new-ish mom, too?) that makes her someone well worth looking up to. Welcome to Kahlana's week.