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Featured 7.2-7.8.18 | The Internet can be a landmine of shitty websites, half-assed blogs, political nightmares and misinformation. But it can also be a place where life feels bright and shiny and full of possibility; where beautiful things can be found and super useful information can be shared. Which is why we’re so excited about introducing you to Kat Collings, the Editor in Chief of the kickass style site, Who What Wear. Pretty major, we know. Especially when you consider she’s risen to the top of the digital fashion world in a heartbeat, and did it seemingly from out of nowhere (well, maybe not nowhere, but a rural town with just three stoplights). Her fashion sense is unparalleled (lilac feathers, fabulous sunglasses and dreamy silk dresses are just a few of her wardrobe staples) and her ability to turn out quality content is unrivaled. We are legit obsessed with her and her commitment to making the Internet a destination worthy of the time we spend surfing it. Welcome to Kat’s week.