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Featured 9.18-9.24.17 | "Your beauty is my life" is aesthetician and skincare star Kat Rudu's motto, and if you look left, you'll be hard pressed to not trust the Kate Moss look alike (John Galliano went to her for a facial after being told that his muse had a "double" in LA) with your face. In fact Rudu, who's been in the beauty industry basically since her mother handed her an aloe vera leaf at the age of 14 and told her to put the gel under her eyes, comes at the beauty biz with a bit of a different perspective. A firm believer that feeding the soul will inherently feed the skin, her goal is not just to make a woman look beautiful on the outside, but more importantly, to make her feel it on the inside. And she does just that. Rudu is vivacious, passionate and incredibly convincing, and I, for one. have never felt more gorgeous and glowy than I did in her presence.  I'm sure you'll feel the same. Welcome to Kat's week.