The charity that I feel strongly about is the Thuto Foundation.

The purpose of The THUTO Foundation is to empower people and give them the strength to follow their dreams. I fell in love with their mission to offer education to those of all socio-economic backgrounds who normally would not have such an opportunity to learn and thrive. I was inspired by renowned photographer, Annelize Bester, and how she dedicated herself for more than seven years to the foundation. THUTO offers people quality education and hope despite the impoverished circumstances in which they may find themselves.

I have supported The THUTO Foundation since my launch party at Burberry Beverly Hills for my collection, KÁT RUDU, in 2014. All proceeds from the launch event went to support the Foundation. I have also supported its causes through buying THUTO photographs, some of which grace the walls of my Skin Studio in Venice. Thus year I'll be hosting a special luncheon for my line and all of the proceeds will go to help support The THUTO Foundation.