My best friend Kelly started Baby2Baby with Norah Weinstein in 2012. Their main mission is to help low-income children in Los Angeles, provide them with all the essentials such as diapers and clothing.  Its pretty incredible what they've accomplished in just four years, they’ve served over 200,000 children in Los Angeles. I think many of us forget how many people are suffering in our own backyards. Baby2Baby has opened my eyes to the many ways you can help people locally.

TWIGS at Baltimore School For the Arts
Another organization and school close to my heart is the Baltimore School For The Arts.  I actually went here before the high school. The TWIGS classes introduce so many children to the arts, many of whom have never seen a play or had the opportunity to take an art class. The Arts are so important in today’s society.  Not just for the artists like me, one never knows what one can discover in a creative class, especially at a young age! It breaks my heart to think of the funding cuts that might be happening in the not so distant future. I’ve begun working with them on a program that we hope to introduce in Baltimore, very soon!