Casting for Recovery
We have just gotten involved with this unique nonprofit that runs therapeutic fly fishing experiences for women facing breast cancer. I absolutely believe that nature can heal us both emotionally and physically in the most powerful way, and fly-fishing helps re-develop muscles that are often damaged after a mastectomy procedure. The clinics are run by a committed volunteer corps and provide peer support, cancer education and therapy at no cost to the participants. We are donating a percentage of our sales from our Sungkay travel kit to CFR, as well organizing a fund-raising event in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Women’s Prison Program: I am in awe of Pat May, a woman I met in a roundabout way whilst trying to source pom-poms in Mexico.  She works to help find jobs for women in prisons so that they can support themselves and their families when they get out of jail.  Because Mexico has Napoleonic law, many of these women are not guilty and incarcerated because they have no money to prove their innocence.  Lupe, who makes our pom-poms, was arrested in a round up to catch her parents.  75% of the proceeds from our poms go directly to Lupe.

I used to be very involved with women’s domestic violence and homeless shelters, both on boards and working directly in them. These days I have less time to do the hands on work, which I regret. That combined with a recent personal experience, made me change the way I feel about giving money to people begging on the street. So now if I have it, I always give it. I believe that sometimes charity doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.