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I have always been a runner, first and foremost. I love that it is a sport that doesn’t require a lot of gear, costs nothing and gives me the space and time to be alone and think. My favorite thing to do when I travel to a new city is to get up early and go for a run.  I notice things that I wouldn’t see when it is in full swing.


When the weather forces me inside, I mix it up with swimming, barre class and SoulCycle.  We are just getting The Class by TT where I live, so that will add a new element to the mix. I love her approach which incorporates mindfulness into a hard-core, full-body workout.

I am not a black legging kind of girl, and I recently discovered the website Society6 that helps artists publish their work on all different kinds of clothing and home accessories, including leggings!  I also love Lucas Hugh and Sweaty Betty from my London days.  I get cold easily in the pool so I usually wear a short wetsuit from Cynthia Rowley.

For clean eating, my go-to is Keep it Real by Calgary Avansino. She's a former British Vogue editor and a working mom who understands how to simplify things for a busy family.



The Organic Pharmer is a huge treat to be close to, and their chickpea tartine is a favorite breakfast treat after a spin class. I also swear by their tonics when I am feeling run down. But if I am really honest, I am kind of a cheeseburger and fries girl at heart.



My beauty strategy is to basically throw everything at my aging situation.

I try to use products with natural ingredients and clean ethics, which means yummy balms and oils from my friend Gregg’s Beauty Counter, and I am obsessed with the Vitamin C pods from Circ Cell, because they are genius for traveling.

But there is no way I am leaving the aging process entirely to Mother Nature, so I also use whatever my favorite dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Hale tells me to do, so that means a day cream from Environ, and SkinMedica’s TNS Serum at night.  I use SPF everyday from EltaMD (I’m supposed to say that, right?)

Monthly facials from in a hole in the wall spot in Stamford, CT include micro-needling, radiowave stimulation, red light, and literally she could come in with a beam from a UFO and I would be game.