The Select Guest



Featured 10.24-10.30 |  So you might know Kelly Killoren Bensimon from her stint as a Real Housewife of NYC. Or you might know her because she was famously married to fashion photog Gilles Bensimon who took a zillion snaps of her during their 10 year marriage. But the truth is that while you might think you know what she’s all about, you actually don’t. KKB (because three names are tough) has the height, the hair, the smile (not to mention the body) that all add up to make her gorgeous on the outside (OK, you probably knew that, too), but here’s the catch: she’s even more beautiful on the inside. Cliché? Yes. But also true. Born and raised in Illinois, she’s managed to hold on to that Midwestern charm despite her uber-Cosmopolitan life, and I can vouch for her authentic warmth and grace. A mother, author, philanthropist and style maven, she’s got all of the bases covered. 
Welcome to Kelly’s week.