As part of my market research for my new novel, A Second Course, which is a sequel to my debut novel, A Dangerous Age, I have been shadowing top chefs and bartenders all around New York City. My narrator, Billy Sitwell, is a foodie who makes her living working on various restaurants and other food-related endeavors. My favorite recipe is cucumber tartare made by Chef Vincent at Café Medi on the Lower East Side in New York City. 

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I love to entertain, and these are a few of my current favorite serving accessories.

This Marble and Copper Cheeseboard from West Elm reates a beautiful backdrop for any appetizer your culinary imagination can think of!

Entertaining in the home is a true luxury, especially in New York City! These Kiva Cheese Knives are not only beautiful, but add a bit of pizazz to a cheese tray!