I do yoga as often as possible. Ghost Flower and Beyond Yoga make great, high performance clothes. I wear lots of layers to stay warm and peel off as I go. My friend gave me leg warmers that I love.

On the days that I can’t get to yoga, I go to the beach that’s a minute from my house and do a kind of power walk with my dog. I love walking, I put my headphones on and listen to an audiobook or music, get my calls done, or walk with my husband or daughters or a friend.

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Living in California is very drying for your skin and hair. I clean my skin with Jojoba and a hot washcloth. I love organic oils from Uma and Sun Potion’s Shea Butter — I buy it in bulk and always slather on my body, face and hair for a conditioning treatment. Our skin basically eats whatever we put on it so I like it to be completely organic and pure.

A kohl eye pencil from Charlotte Tilbury and Glossier’s Boy Brow are my go-to makeup products.

My best beauty hack is Hallstein water the water we drink for health and beauty is so important. This is the best I have found and the most tasty. It is from and artesian Austrian source and the perfect balance and full of oxygen.