After reading the book, Celery Juice by Anthony William, I now begin every morning with a 16oz glass of fresh celery juice. Celery Juice on an empty stomach has fantastic healing properties, like restoring gut balance, balancing blood sugar, flushing toxins from the liver, the list is pretty endless. I've personally noticed a vast improvement in my skin and my sleep. 

I've been vegan for almost ten years, and Paris is certainly not the most vegan-friendly city. However, in the three years that I have lived here, there's been a rise in vegan food and restaurants. The farmer's markets are truly incredible, I can get so much affordable organic produce. I love to cook at home, but when I go out, my favorite place for lunch in Paris is Wild and the Moon (Multiple Locations), a vegan restaurant specializing in healthy and organic food. 

My favorite bar is The Hemingway Bar at the Ritz (15 place Vendôme, Paris; +33 1 43 16 30 30). It's filled with typewriters, old books, and feels like you're stepping right into Paris in the 1920s. Not to mention their cocktails are truly works of art. 

My favorite cocktail to make at home is an Aperol Spritz:
3oz of Organic dry Prosecco 
3oz of Aperol
1oz of soda water
Orange Slice
Glass of Ice
Mix and Enjoy!