My favorite place in the world is Le Mas de Peint (Route de Salin-de-Giraud, Arles +33 4 90 97 20 62) in the south of France near Arles. It’s a beautiful eco-hotel, restaurant and farm, on over 500 hectares with horses, cattle and crops. I go every year, and it’s a place where you can really escape the city and connect with nature. The food is all fresh and local, a lot of which they grow themselves, and I’ve genuinely had the best meals of my life there. It brings a whole new meaning to farm to table.

My other favorite hotel is Hotel Negresco (37, Promenade des Anglais, Nice; +33 4 93 16 64 00), in Nice. It’s an historical property right on the beach in the heart of the city. They are also committed to protecting the environment and preserving french heritage. It was built in 1913, and you truly feel the soul of the building. It honestly feels more like a museum than a hotel. My mom and I went there when I was a child, and when I went for the first time as an adult, it was love at first sight. 

For me, the most important things I pack are my cameras, tripod and film. I have a travel tripod that’s more compact and lighter than the one I use at home. Also, snacks — being vegan, I panic when traveling that I won’t be able to get any healthy food options, so I always travel with snacks. I like to bring fresh fruit or nuts with me wherever I go. And my favorite luggage is from Away.