I try to Dry Brush at least once a day, although I do forget sometimes! It’s incredible for circulation, and I actually find the process to be quite meditative. I like to dry brush right before I shower, as it can leave your skin a bit red, and then hydrate with body oil afterward. I use coconut oil on my skin, I find it incredibly nourishing, especially in winter. 

My closest friend in Paris is a Yoga teacher, so I have the luxury of lots of yoga! She teaches at Rasa Yoga (21 rue Saint Jacques, Paris; +33 1 43 54 14 59) in Paris a beautiful studio that happens to be a five-minute walk from my house. 

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One product I’m completely addicted to is Avène Eau Thermale, a thermal spring water spray that’s specifically for sensitive, hypersensitive and allergic/irritated skin. I have a very severe skin allergy, and I’m allergic to all fragrance, a lot of makeup, and skincare products., and this water has really been my savior for helping allergic reactions and just keeping my skin calm on hot, busy days!

Some makeup that is completely non-toxic and I’m not allergic to that I absolutely love is Chanel’s Illuminating Powder and Ombre Eyeshadow

I also love all Vanicream and Free and Clear products. I use their soaps, lotions, shampoo, and conditioner. They have really been lifesavers since developing my allergies. All of their products are completely free of fragrance, formaldehyde, parabens, sulfates, and really anything toxic.