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Featured 8.7-8.13.17 | I didn't really travel until I was in my 30s and I've always had a real admiration for those adventurers out there who spent time in their early adult lives taking on the world. And this is why I'm obsessed with Kristy Ellis. We met in Cartagena, where she now lives and runs her tour company (but really, it's so much more), and within moments I was mesmerized. Kristy grew up in Australia with a world globe on her desk and in a family that traveled. A lot.  She'd never lived overseas, though (mostly due to a guy — you know the deal), but once she got rid of him, she headed out. And what a trip she took: six months across South America with the idea that after a pit stop in California for a wedding, she'd find a place to live. China? Maybe. Turkey? Sure, that could work, too. But then she hit Cartagena, and that was it: true love. So without a job, a place to live or the ability to speak Spanish, she stopped and started a life that includes a thriving business, an incredible group of friends and the ability to continue to travel the globe.  So here's what I'm telling you: Kristy Ellis is cool AF.  Welcome to Kristy's week.