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I am super active and have a lifestyle jampacked with incidental exercise. I feel so blessed to have a job that allows me to be walking around all day outside, and to live in a city where I can dance every night. Champeta is an Afro-Colombian music, dance and subculture that originated in Cartagena, and it is an awesome workout! When in cartagena take a dance class at Crazy Salsa or at Bazurto Social Club. It's joyous! 

I love boxing with my personal coach about twice a week. Boxing culture is huge in Cartagena (like its other Caribbean neighbors) and I feel this is another means of connecting to my adoptive town. I love getting sweaty, and I love feeling powerful. And I love the shocked exclamations of all the boxing old-timers who gather to watch me hit. 

I am so not flexible (physically speaking at least!) but I'm learning that the time I take out of my day to get onto my yoga mat is about much more than touching toes. My virtual teacher in this journey is the delightful Adriene from Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I love being able to put on a video at a time that suits me and make yoga a daily habit. Adriene is warm, welcoming and wise. I feel like we're friends thanks to our daily hangs.  Hey, Adriene!  


Although I'll stray from time to time, I try to make beauty decisions consciously. Being aware of ingredients and packaging and the ethical commitments of the companies behind each product. I make a lot of homemade masks and cleansers using oats and honey and my roommate is always coming home to find me with food on my face, literally.  

I love local skincare range loto del sur made with yummy botanicals from across South America.  I'm an especially a big fan of their candles (jasmine!) and their decadent body oils. Check them on Instagram. For an International alternative to loto del sur, I love everything from Aesop.

My signature scent is Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.

I love the bold matte lip colours of Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lipstick to brighten my face to Cartagena levels. My favorite is this strawberry red

I can't live without: the Lush Solid Shampoo Bar Seanik. I love this product so much!  I love being able to travel and not worry about liquid restrictions, just my little blue bar in its metal tin. I love how the sea salt gives my fine hair volume, I love the fresh smell and I love the company Lush and their mission. Whenever I'm stateside I stock up!