Working out is something that I take very seriously. About 6 years ago I did my first Bar Method class and have completed over 1,000 classes to date! This is my go-to work out and it has truly changed my body and how I feel. I love the idea of having poise and grace when you work out, and bar method focuses on that while giving you a killer workout. I am lucky that they recently opened a Bar Method studio one block from my office in downtown Los Angeles so I'm able to sneak in lunch time workouts during the week. The lunch time work out really resets me and gives me the boost I need to finish the day. 

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I will admit that I am a huge skincare junkie. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. The brand that I always go back to though is IS ClinicalThese products changed my skin.

Another product that I was recently turned onto was Texture Reform by Shani Darden. It's magic in a bottle. She’s well known for taking care of everyone’s skin from Jessica Alba to Rosie Huntington and now I know why! 

Another new product that I am addicted to is this vitamin C powder by Agent NateurYou mix it it with water and any serum you use, and it brightens like crazy. 

My best friend Nikki Deroest is a makeup artist, so it’s hilarious that my makeup collection is so small! Up until a few months ago I only had one eyes shadow palette. Obviously I'm pretty minimal with my makeup, and definitely have a “signature look” when I do it. If nothing else, I will always have my subtle dark brown cat eyeline on by Kat Von D

My other go-to make up products:

RMS Highlighter – I use this every day! 

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation – I was just turned onto this by Monika Blunder at an event last month. I was lucky enough to have her match me for the right color after I said “no I don’t wear foundation.” Haha boy was I wrong! I have been wearing it daily now because it’s so natural looking. Never say never!

One of my favorite beauty rituals right now is face rolling! If you follow @Bagsnob on Instagram then you know what I’m talking about! I use this every morning for 5 minutes before I do my makeup. It gets ride of puffiness and really wakes up your face! It uses microcurrents to boost circulation and enhance firmness — who doesn’t want that?!