One of my newest favorite apps is Rex, which hosts a super creative community for artists and entrepreneurs to share their favorite things. The community is small, but everyone on it has interesting, fun taste. 

I always find inspiring content on The Tig. Whether it’s a spotlight on an incredible volunteer opportunity or a profile on a trailblazing chef, The Tig spreads the message so elegantly.

And then there are podcasts … you’ve probably heard about all the time we spend in the car here in L.A., and podcasts are a lifesaver. 99% Invisible, a collection of 20-minute stories about how design impacts our world is a favorite. Little known fact:  I was also a neuroscience major in college, and while I did very little with that major in my career, I love Radiolab, which is a science-based podcast that tells some of the best stories around. I also like Song Exploder, which interviews an artist every week about his choices and decisions behind a particular song.