I like style that bridges multiple worlds.  As I was designing our house, I wanted something that was part Royal Tennenbaums, part English country home, with a touch of Indian.  My favorite room in my house is our living room (at right), which is both chic and bohemian. The side tables are from Pat McGann Gallery, a Los Angeles-based textile house that also carries rare pieces from Asia.








I have two young children and many of our friends have kids, too. So instead of going through the hassle of coordinating babysitters or getting all of the kids to behave simultaneously at a restaurant, we love having families over. This nook off our pool is a favorite adult hangout while the kids swim.













Great art doesn’t have to be terribly hard to obtain. I found these incredible vintage Bollywood posters on Ebay. I selected these particular posters because I was drawn to the colors. When my mom first saw them she started crying because one poster was the movie that my parents saw on their first date. The other was my grandmother’s favorite movie.








Fresh flowers are a wonderful way to compliment your home. We love using our friends at The Unlikely Florist, a van converted into a mobile flower stand featuring fresh wildflowers in rustic wine bottle vases which pops up all around Venice and makes home deliveries. Follow @theunlikelyflorist to find out where they’re parked, or even arrange to have them make a bespoke run to the flower district to decorate for a party of your own, like we recently did.