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One of the great things about living in LA is that we can actually have business meetings during workouts. Krista and I love to mix things up by boxing, catching up over dancing at Body by Simone, or grabbing a pilates class at Pilates Platinum, run by my close friend Heather Dorak. 

When we first began designing our travel pouches, we were certain about one thing: they had to be big enough to fit some of our favorite skincare products, but not so small they’d get lost in them. Some of our favorites are:

Kopari Coconut Balm
My latest obsession. The perfect product for when you want to take coconut oil to the next level and moisturize like a boss. I slather this balm all over and especially love that it is made with 100% organic coconut oil.

Moroccan Hair Oil - Frizz Control Spray
I have curly hair so I can lots of secrets to keep the frizz to a minimum. This one has worked the best for me over the years. Its weather-resistant keep my hair calm and manageable in damp or dry environments. Bonus: It's loaded with argan oil and vitamin E!

Mai Tai Hair Spritzer Sea Salt Spray
A light spray for all hair types that is enriched with natural sea salts to add texture, volume and beauty waves for a breezy look.

Serge Lutens Makeup Remover Pads
Removes makeup and keeps skin uber-moisturized. I carry them with me everywhere I go.

Serge Lutens Comb Mascara
A unique wand that you won't see on any other mascara separates each lash, giving a professional looking finish and wide-eyed appearance.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
The most moisturizing lotion I have ever found.

Very locally, our favorite way to travel is by bike. Legend of Lido is based in Venice, CA and the best way to travel through the canals is via Venice’s own bike brand, Linus.