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I need to really switch things up when it comes to my work out routine. Like many, I get bored easily at the gym. Currently my favorite work out class is Switch Playground (multiple locations). The name sums it up: It’s literally a playground for adults. There's a DJ in the corner, great lighting and upbeat dance music playing with 20 stations ready to be conquered. It all happens very fast, two minutes per station with some yoga stretches to begin and end it all.

I only wear classic Chuck Taylor Converse High Tops at the gym. They give me the most support and a firm, flat footing as opposed to the overly engnineered hi-tech sneakers of today. 

I’m a fragrance junkie and have dozens,  but my favorite is Escentric Molecules Cologne. I have worn it consistently for over 2 years. I like it because I get amazing reactions from people but I cant smell it! It’s the scent equivalent to the Emperor's New Clothes. 

Every time I go to Paris I buy about 20 sticks of Roc deodorant. It’s alcohol, aluminum and fragrance free, so it doesn’t have any of those pungent smells and it doesn’t stain your clothes. And like most amazing drugstore beauty products, it's mostly only available in France.

This fabric technology is great but it’s really the muted, earthy, mushroom-y color palette that I love with Jacques, a NYC-based brand. I particularly love their layering pieces.