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Featured 10.30-11.5.17 | New York City has its beautiful moments, for sure. But it can also feel cold, gray and even isolating at its worst. Until you come across one of Floral Designer Lewis Miller's Flower Flashes. And they are exactly what they sound like: street art installations made of flowers. Imagine a New York City garbage can filled to the brim with beautiful flowers or construction site debris shrouded in blooms and that's one of Miller's brilliant creations. And what's even cooler is that, when possible, they're all created by repurposing flowers left over from his high-end events, and are all completed in less than 15 minutes sometime before dawn. Miller refers to these Flashes as "Flowers for the People" and uses them to create bright spaces for anyone who has the great fortune to stumble upon them. So it's no surprise that this incredibly talented and prolific floral designer makes it his business to transform everything he touches into something magical. His company, Lewis Miller Design, has been tending to the floral needs of some of the world's top industry leaders (Carolina Herrera? Yep. Mayor Bloomberg? Yes, him, too) for more than 10 years and has done and seen it all, making him the perfect person to share his selects with the rest of us. And PS: Those eyes. Can you even?
Welcome to Lewis' week.