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Photographs by  Cody Guilfoyle

Photographs by Cody Guilfoyle


Featured 12.3-12.9.18 | It’s always exciting when you meet someone who lives and breathes makeup and skincare almost as much as you do. But what happens when you find yourself in makeup heaven with an actual angel? We recently found out when we visited former Victoria’s Secret Angel and Co-founder and Creative Director of Wander Beauty, Lindsay Ellingson’s, Williamsburg apartment: A place where every single pretty surface is piled high with all of the beauty products of our dreams. So how did Ellingson go from supermodel to full-time beauty junkie (best jobs ever, BTW)? Well, it’s something of fairytale TBH: After spending 15 years modeling for everyone from Chanel to Dior (fun fact: she’s been in over 1,000 fashion shows globally), she quickly realized (thanks to all of that jet-setting) what a hassle it was to lug all of her makeup on the road. And voila! Her on-the-go beauty brand, Wander Beauty, was born. But that’s not even the best part. Yes, her products can multitask as flawlessly as the modern woman (think an on-the-go blush and illuminator stick that can be used a billion different ways) but they’re also cruelty-free, really pretty to look at and — here’s the kicker — they actually work (those gold eye masks? That’s not BS, we swear). We spent some time getting to know more about Ellingson, from her love of #CarlyTheCockaPoo to her favorite family recipe and trust us, it was all sorts of wander-ful. Welcome to Lindsay’s Week.