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I’m a terrible cook but I make very good French toast. Also, a good trick for a bad cook: throw sour cream and cheese on any kind of pasta and you’re good. I’m also trying to be healthier these days, so I started making Bulletproof Coffee with MCT Oil and collagen peptides. A friend of mine suggested it and even gave me this mini hand frother to make it feel more indulgent.

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A nicer dinner option is Bar Pitti, (268 6th Ave, NYC; +1 212 982-3300). I order the Rigatoni Pitti if I need comfort food after a long day, or the meatballs, mushroom and burrata (that’s even if I have a good day). Café Mogador (101 Saint Marks Pl # 1, NYC; +1 212 677 2226) in the East Village is another good option, a little lighter and closer to my house. I go there every weekend for brunch and pretty regularly for dinner. Another great place for breakfast on the weekend is Blackseed Bagels (170 Elizabeth St, NYC; +1 212 730 1950). I order three and split them with my boyfriend: 1 tobigo spread on poppy seed, 1 sausage, egg & cheese on sesame seed, and 1 lox spread on poppy seed. In the summer or if I want to be healthier I go to Grassroots Juicery (336A Graham Ave., Brooklyn; + 1 718 486 2838) for my favorite smoothies.