The Select Guest

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Featured 4.16-4.22.18 | Things you can tell just by looking at her: She’s strikingly gorgeous. Things you can’t tell just by looking at her: She comes from one of the most storied families in America’s history (yes, she’s that Hearst); She’s a natural blond; Her favorite sport to watch (and participate in) is professional bull riding (or PBR for those in the know); She’s played the flute since the age of 6; She’s a horror movie fanatic; She loves video games; And in her words, she’s weird, silly, serious, outgoing, sweet, kind and creative. That’s right. Lydia Hearst defies convention. And here are a few more things you might not know about this multi-hyphenate (actress-model-activist): She’s shared the big screen with everyone from Nicolas Cage to Chloe Sevigny to Beau Bridges (talk about range); her modeling career was kick-started when famed fashion photog, Stephen Meisel, caught a glimpse of her (despite the fact that she surprisingly stands at only 5’6”); and she has traveled extensively with Operation Smile, helping to change the lives of children across the globe. So yes, Lydia Hearst is full of surprises, and our guess is there’s way more to come. In the meantime, we’re just happy to spend the next seven days with her. We think you will be, too. Welcome to Lydia’s week.