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I was the fifth person to sign on as a charter member to Tracy Anderson when she opened in New York nine years ago, and to this date I haven’t changed or done anything else or looked back to any other gym or workout. Tracy is my friend and my guru, and I could have never imagined having the body and strength that I have, at my age, without her and her method. I go every day and do both the cardio dance and the muscular structure class (that’s why I can go and eat at Momofuku and drink all the champagne I want daily). As a supplement, I love the Super Elixir green powder by Elle MacPherson which I take daily.

For my face, I use P50 1970 from Biologique Recherche as well as their ADN Elastine Marine Collagen and their Fluid VIP 02 serum. I also use a brightening serum from Valmont and for the eyes I use Valmont Glacier Elixir Les Yeux. I have both microcurrent machines ZIIP and NuFace. I don’t know which one is better, but they both help with collagen, firmness and elasticity. I meditate on my own and chant mantras too. And pray to God a lot because that’s all that’s left when you look around at the world we live in.

For makeup my primer is Veil Mineral from Hourglass  and my foundation is Immaculate Liquid Powder also from Hourglass. My blush is Nars Orgasm. Lipstick is the Armani Ecstasy Lacquer Liquid Gloss and my fave color is Boudoir.

I don't use any hair products,  but I wash my hair with Oribe Signature Shampoo and use the conditioner of the same line.