The Select Guest



Featured 7.9-7.15.18 | Maria Brito is a force. From the moment you meet her, you can’t help but feel energized, inspired … alive. You also can’t help but feel really freaking impressed. The Venezuelan-born, Harvard-educated knockout has written for some of the most major publications out there (like Elle, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal — heard of them?), curated the first-ever show of New York-based artists in Greece, and was selected by Complex Mag as one of 20 Power Players in the Art world. Oh, wait. Did we mention her day job? Sorry. Brito is a (the) contemporary art advisor to some major VIPs, and has built the collections of some of the most high profile peeps out there (GP and P. Diddy to name just two). So yes, she’s smart (Harvard), she’s gorgeous (she prays and meditates for an hour every day — locked in her bathroom because it’s the only place she can be alone, naturally), she’s connected (see above) and she’s fiercely motivated (her alarm goes off at 5am on the daily just so she can fit it all in). She’s also an activist (her blog covers everything from the current immigration issue to feminism and everything in between) and her goal to change the world’s narrative starts and ends with the creation and celebration of art. And this week, we’re going to celebrate her. Welcome to Maria’s week.