Instagram, Facebook — as much as I don't like any of it, I'm not sure how I could live without it! I use social media for my business, and follow some fashion luxury brands including Chanel and Valentino. I follow my friends Elad (L'Objet) who posts beautiful pictures of the things he designs, Linda Fargo (Bergdorf Goodman's) who is not only talented but beautiful, and Alber (ex Lanvin),  just to name a few.

I have also discovered wonderful people who follow MFVD and I follow them in return. I follow women from all over the world and can say that I have many fabulous girlfriends whom I have never even met!

I need my daily dose of BOF. For me it's the most important Fashion news subscription. I also get my Daily (Daily Front Row ) every morning and read it with all my other emails at breakfast. I also read WWD to keep in touch with the industry.

My journalist girlfriends also tell me they have lost their jobs as fashion writers. No one wants to read anymore. Some had to convert themselves to Instagram bloggers. I’m still an old fashioned girl, though. I can’t leave my bed without flipping through the channels, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN etc.

I understand the fascination behind social media — the good and the bad. A girlfriend at Chanel once said to me that it breaks her heart when an Haute Couture customer blasts a photo of herself while she's trying on a few outfits in the fitting room becasue it only discourages other Haute Couture customers to buy any of those pieces.