I love all the rooms in my house but I especially enjoy my kitchen, which is equipped to cook dinner for 20-30 people with 12 hot plates and three fridges, a cold room and a small wine room. I also enjoy spending time in my smaller kitchen where I keep all my vases and arrange my flowers on the weekend, and I love my small library with its huge day bed — books are my peche mignon (guilty pleasure).

I have been collecting Chinese contemporary art for the past 20 years. I bought many pieces of antique furniture in China in the 90's, as well as numerous Buddhas over the years, so my home is a perfect mixture of East meet West. Actually everything in my life, including my collections are inspired by both worlds. My home is close to the sea, surrounded by palm trees, and the way I dress is a reflection of that life: simple, flowy, comfortable dresses that you can slip on in a second. I call them my “hostess’’ dresses.

You need to build a beautiful home to ensure that your husband will come running home every night. You need to put great food on the table, and most importantly you always have to look your best. I’ve been married for 35 years , so there is something I must be doing right ...