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When I get on the plane, I'll put cream allover my body and face and repeat this as often as I wake up during the flight (I'm often on a 13-15 hour flight). I like Creme de la Mer products for body and face, or else I'll use vaseline with a few drops of Clarins l’Orchidee Bleu mixed in. I wish I could say I only drink water and lots of it and eat very little, but I do enjoy a few glasses of champagne and more! Always leave the plane wearing a big pair of sunglasses (I wear my Oversized Rectangle Sunglasses), lip gloss and the Wonderglow Primer from Charlotte Tilbury. I discovered her beauty products and make up and love them.

When I travel to LA, I always go to Dr. Lancer on Rodeo Drive. I will be there again in time for the Oscars to host a trunk show and private fittings for the my new collection, but I'll make sure to book several hours with him. He makes me look 10 years younger in a day.

But this is all about being pretty on the outside. I was a dancer as a young girl, and I'm still as disciplined today as I was then about what I eat and drink. I have a trainer that comes to my office three times a week — I'm almost as flexible as I was 40 years ago. I have never stopped working out, but I never do anything extreme. I don't believe in diets, in all those new fads. It's really very simple: eat less, eat well, work out — every day of your life for the rest of your life! Except on Sundays when we should all indulge.