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I go to Hot 8 Yoga on Wilshire Blvd twice a week and I take Yoga Sculpt or Yoga Barre. I specifically love these two classes because they’re the perfect combination of yoga, stretching and cardio. I also work out with a trainer once a week; he's the nicest British guy and we work out at this super private and discrete gym called Retro Fit, where you're only allowed in with your trainer so it never gets crowded or overwhelming.

I don’t do cleanses but I only have one or two small meals a day, usually protein and grains, and I don't drink at all. I find these to be best tips to never really gain weight.

All of my workout clothes are either by Nike, Adidas X Stella McCartney or Under Armour (their sports bras are great).

I meditate daily using an app called Calm. You can chose the type and the length of your meditation.

I don’t have too many beauty secrets, but I moisturize three times a day. Right now I'm loving the Restorative Facial Oil by Puristry and the Creamy Eye Treatment by Kiehl’sI also use eye treatment masks, my current faves ones are by MZ Skin by Dr. Maryam Zamani.