Two places I eat at very frequently in Los Angeles include Erewhon (7660 Beverly Blvd A, Los Angeles; +1 323 937 0777) and Belcampo (Multiple Locations). Even though Erewhon is a supermarket and Belcampo is a butcher shop, I admire how each place adheres to strict health and ethical standards. At Erewhon I often will hit the hot foods bar and grab some grass-fed lamb or beef or wild salmon, along with some of their great veggie options. My one gripe is that they use quite a bit of grapeseed oil in some of their preparations, which is unhealthy. Belcampo is also a great place to find grass-fed beef, and has not only the best burger in LA but bone broth as well.  

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I love a high quality salt, and I use Redmond Real Salt. I also am obsessed with high quality extra-virgin olive oil, so I always have a bottle close by. My latest thing is mustard powder, which is not only healthy in its own right but "magnifies" the health effects of cooked cruciferous veggies. People laugh at me because I sometimes bring condiments to restaurants, but that's only because restaurants are notorious for cost cutting and often hide unhealthy, low quality ingredients in invisible places like sauces. So I will often bring Primal Kitchen Ketchup to my favorite burger joint, or some mustard seed powder to enhance my veggies, or some grass-fed sour cream to my favorite TexMex joint.