I love travel, which helps us to not only experience novelty but also new aspects of ourselves. My favorite cities as of late are Rio de Janeiro and Stockholm, though I also love Amsterdam and Paris.  I also love traveling to South America and Europe. Recently I got to go to Hong Kong as well which is a blast. I'm grateful that my work lets me travel so much!

When I travel my non-negotiables include my Bose noise-cancelling headphones, travel pillow, eye mask and my bluelight-blocking glasses which all help me to reorient my body's circadian clock to whatever new time zone I'm visiting. I am often known to travel with food, so I'll occasionally pack avocados, grass-fed biltong , sardines, or even my favorite salt to maintain electrolyte balance if I decide to fast or hit a hotel sauna.

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I currently use luggage from Samsonite. I always also have a carry-on bag, usually my Adidas day pack, with my Apple MacBook Pro in it.