The Select Guest



Featured 11.27-12.3.17 | Don't let the chiseled jaw and intense gaze fool you — Max Shannon is way more than just a pretty face. The former accountant (Wait. What? Well, he studied accounting in college, so you know ... ) who left his 9-5 corporate job to travel the world (well, 15 countries) before landing in New York City, is the brains behind the coveted men's athleisure brand, STLR Aesthetics. He's also one of the most motivational (and tattooed) men I've ever met, living life to the fullest with an emphasis on being present, enjoying every second and  being true to himself — basically the things we all strive for but almost never attain. I'm pretty sure you'll find some inspiration from his selects, or at least his abs.
Welcome to Max's week.