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I buy fresh flowers every week, which I think is mentally important for me. 

My favorite workout is a pilates class at Uptown Pilates in the West Village or yoga at Ishta Yoga in Greenwich Village. But most of all I love to listen to my favorite music and walk around my neighborhood. I get to be outside and also get a workout.

I wear the Under Armour Recovery sleepwear by Tom BradyThey are supposed to absorb natural heat and reflect far infrared back to the skin helping the body sleep better and recover faster. I also love the look of this breathable hoodie.  

I also wear a lot of Nike leggings like these. I feel like Nike always has the most comfortable fabric and best fit for my height.

For beauty, I’m not loyal to just one fragrance so I use Diptyique Rose, Gabrielle Chanel, and Bvlgari Eau Thé Blanc. I am a huge fan of Marc Jacobs makeup brushes and these lip masks.  I also go to Heyday for a monthly facials and I see Tammy Day every week for acupuncture and massage.