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Photographs by  Daphne Youree

Photographs by Daphne Youree


Featured 12.17-12.23.18 | What do Emirates, Dior and Harper’s Bazaar all have in common? Aside from being three of our very favorite things, they are also three of the (dozens of) brands that have been smart enough (and lucky enough) to partner with Brooklyn-based illustrator, Meagan Morrison, tapping into her incredible talent to create fashion-inspired illustrations that will simply stop you in your tracks. In fact, the Canadian-born illustrator is also the talent behind the blog and swoon-worthy Instagram feed, TravelWriteDraw, where she puts pen (or brush) to paper in order to illustrate her epic journeys through a “fashion-art lens” (she literally just boarded a plane to India, so stand by for what we’re sure is going be some incredible content), inspiring serious wanderlust in even the most resolved of homebodies. In addition to her stunning work, Meagan is just as vibrant as her feed, brightening any room (or country) she enters with a dose of pure sunshine. And we could all use a little of her infectious energy right now.
Welcome to Meagan’s week.