The Select Guest



Featured 1.8-1.14.18 | The beginning of a new year brings with it a commitment to resolutions and a sense of enormous possibility. At the top of each of our lists is always the same thing: Travel. We tell ourselves This year I'll travel more, I'll cross those destinations off my bucket list, I'll get out and see the world. Which is why we asked Melissa Biggs Bradley, world traveler and owner of the super-expert travel company, Indagare, to be our Select Guest. Wanderlust has been in her blood since she could walk — having spent her childhood discovering countries from Australia to France and experiencing the magic of an African Safari at the age of 12, she quickly realized that the power of travel cannot — and should not — be ignored. With that in mind, she dedicated not only her personal life, but her professional life to the journey. She served as the travel editor at Town & Country for 12 years before launching Indagare, which she carefully crafted with the belief that creating a platform for like-minded, passionate travelers would allow for transformative journeys and meaningful global connections — which, it turns out, is precisely what the world needs right now. Her Selects are informed by years of global exploration and are infused with an international sensibility and knowledge that only someone with a true insider's view can provide. They say that travel is the only thing you can spend money on that actually makes you richer, so let's head into 2018 with some serious coin. shall we?
Welcome to Melissa’s week.