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Photographs by  Stephanie Stanley

Photographs by Stephanie Stanley


Featured 6.3-6.9.19 | What do Wagner’s Ring Cycle, Instant Pots and Deep Fried Twinkies have in common? Not a whole lot except for Melissa Clark, the award-winning food writer, cookbook author (of 42 books and some of them with the most celebrated names in food, NBD) and New York Times food columnist, who loves opera (she sees at least four per year), has mastered the Instant Pot (and shares her best recipes in her newest tome, Dinner In An Instant) and introduced the world to the Deep Fried Twinkie (thank you?) in 2002. It’s this unexpected combination of sublime sophistication and casual camp that makes Clark the incredible storyteller she is, turning food from mere sustenance into something so much more (she has two James Beard Foundation awards to prove it). Her recipes go well beyond the basic while still being completely accessible (trust us: If we can cook it, you can, too) and her love for all things culinary is contagious. Yep, Clark is a bon vivant If ever we’ve met one, and we’re pretty excited to get cooking with her.
Welcome to Melissa’s week.