Other than scrolling through Instagram, I love checking out what my colleagues are doing @NYTcooking. I’ve got the app on my phone and it’s loaded with over 18,000 tested recipes, along with very thorough, step-by-step guides for things like how to make homemade baby food, to mastering pie crusts and fried chicken.

If I ever do yoga — which is rare — I’ll use Yogaglo so I can fit in a quick practice whenever I’ve got 20 minutes to spare.

I have been trying to learn French for the past two decades but recently found that Duolingo is great for drilling me in all those verb tenses I can never remember. Maybe I’m finally making progress?

We don’t have a car in Brooklyn, so I live and die by the subway. Citymapper is my app of choice to help me figure out which subway lines are running and which are not. This way no matter where I’m going, I can arrive reasonably on time, which for me is already a challenge.