With all the cooking and eating I have to do for my job (I know, it’s a tough life!!), exercise is important for me to stay fit. I’ve been a slow and steady runner since I was 18, and love the meditative aspects of running in Prospect Park (which I do three times a week). I use my nifty running watch to track the miles, and listen to either cheery 80s dance tunes, or my New York Times colleague Michael Barbaro’s podcast, The Daily, on my bluetooth headphones. The music makes me dance-run, the news makes me want to run away, but in both cases the run flies by.

I like to think these leggings make me faster but really, they are just cute. And while I don’t love most performance wear, these tanks are practical and elegant, for running gear. I also admit, I wear toe-socks. They really do cut down on blistering.

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