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Photographs by  Daphne Youree

Photographs by Daphne Youree


Featured 10.29-11.4.18 | Warning: if you suffer from feelings of hanger (yes, we’re using it as a noun), you might want to hold off on reading any further. Why? Because artist Meredith Wing’s three-dimensional illustrations are a literal feast for the eyes: Skirts made of avocado slices, ball gowns made of basil, caftans made of croissants — each sketch is, undisputedly, drool-worthy and, even better, gives us an excuse to play with our food without consequence. Clearly, she’s been blessed by the creativity gods, so much so that her talents have garnered the attention of some of the world’s top brands, including collabs with everyone from Herbal Essences to Tory Burch to Harper’s Bazaar (and don’t miss her celeb-strations — Rihanna dressed in a gown made of coconut at the 2018 Met Ball might well be our fave). So what’s it like to live full-time in a world of pretty, fashion-y, food-filled things? It’s downright delicious and we’re pretty thrilled to spend the next seven days inside.
Welcome to Meredith’s week.