Alexandra Youdeem of The Local Foreigner does an outstanding job picking out the most curated and niche destinations around the world. For our honeymoon, they sent us to Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island in Australia, which was such a cool introduction to the country (we sipped bevvies with kangaroos, so double win).

The Andaz Hotels (the Tokyo and Fifth Avenue NYC locations especially) are my favorites as they always host a cocktail hour and the attention to detail is outstanding. In Tokyo they use local citrus native to the country for the cocktails such as Yuzu, and bring in chefs for competitions, while the hotel on Fifth Avenue location is adorned with 15-foot murals of local Brooklyn artists and a Tuna Tartare piled about a six inches high.

I love Japan for its diversity of destinations. The city life of Tokyo is so modern yet the systems and people are so refined. Everyone commutes home from work in respectful silence, speaks gently, is self aware and gracious. Then if you want to let your freak flag fly, Harajuku is a mind bend and nightlife is sensory overload.

Naoshima is an island completely devoted to contemporary art where you can also treat yourself and book an unforgettable stay at Bennesse House. The traditional homes downtown showcase different contemporary artists (think James Turrell and Yayoi Kusama) while the Chichu Museum by Tadao Ando is a striking example of Japanese architecture and sensibility.

Finally, skiing waist-deep powder in Niseko, then jumping into a steamy Onsen afterwards, is super memorable. For lunch you pop off your skies and trade in bread chili bowls and wine for ramen with Sapporo and sake. We stayed at The Green Leaf Hotel and our favorite night was drinking whiskey and watching snow pile up behind the window at a Gyu Bar, downtown hidden behind a fringe door.